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 ~The Academy~raze13's Test Results

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PostSubject: ~The Academy~raze13's Test Results   Mon May 25, 2015 2:12 pm

Sylveraine vs ~The Academy~raze13
(Chronomaly) vs (Satellar)
Duel Result: Testee [1] - [2] Tester

Deck Build: 6/10 Misses an Honest, and not sure what 3 Veilers are doing there. Or why the 3rd Alpha is in Side. Looks fair, regardless.
Side Deck: 5/10 Duality in side? Please, don't. Alpha can go from side to main, looks decent for the rest. Maybe add Dust Tornado.

Gameplay & Concentration:
Use of cards: 4/5 Used his cards properly, Fiendishing my TK, then ROTA. Though didn't give game 1 a shot, with 3 Altair in hand.
Siding skills: 2/5 Shoulda sided Iron Wall, that would have shut down my Babylon. and I'm considerably backrow reliant, so the 3rd Alpha woulda been smart.
Performance: 4/10 Scooping game 1 cuz of 3 Altair in hand was a horrible decision. You coulda made it work easily, and my own hand wasn't all that good either. You were rash on doing that. For the rest, you didn't do so bad. Shoulda seen Machu Mech combo coming, so not sure why you put Emeral in Atk, and not Def. It's Chronomaly's signature move. All in all, it was a fair match.

Ruling Test: 0/10 (1 for each correct answer)
We have a ruling test that consists of 10 questions.
The test is located here:
Your tester will give you the login information after your match. You will have 20 minutes to complete the test. All reports that exceed the 20 minute time limit will be considered null, and will be graded 0.

Total Score: 21/50

Welcome to Ra!

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PostSubject: Re: ~The Academy~raze13's Test Results   Mon May 25, 2015 10:17 pm

Welcome to ra and I hope you continue to do your best and always aim for the top
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~The Academy~raze13's Test Results

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