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 Cyber Angel's Results

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PostSubject: Cyber Angel's Results   Tue Sep 06, 2016 7:04 pm

(xRebel_Kamen) vs (AngelHero997)
(PK Dark Law) vs (Synchro Pendulums)
Duel Result: Tester [0] - [2] Testee


Deck Build: 6/10
The deck has some strong plays when it can make it but it just seems all over the place at first glance. It shows synergetic combos with the empowered warriors and some lvl 4 tuners, but doesn’t look concreate and stable. A few cards seem like they don’t really belong (Compulse and the Gospel ((The one of for the extra deck play isn’t really a good idea)). Supply Unit is an iffy card as it is just a “slow” card that allows you to draw although you can make plays off of it. The Ferret Flames is an interesting tech but very situational, can be changed. Some cards in the extra deck could be replaced for more efficient monsters.

Side Deck: 1/10

This side deck isn’t really a side deck; more of a few cards to try in and out of the deck. Monsters shouldn’t really be in the side unless they help give you an advantage against a deck you would have trouble with. Also, you should always do your best to play a 15 card side deck; even if you run duplicates of something. **Note: Odd-eyes fusion only really works for a Dragon Fusion or an Odd-eyes fusion. You don’t have an appropriate target for him in the deck.

Gameplay & Concentration:

Use of cards: 5/5

Using your decks unique style, you managed to keep control of the duel for nearly both games.

Siding skills: 0/5

No siding was performed.

Performance: 9/10

There were some moments when you made misplays ((like Maxx “C” vs Dark Law)) but you managed to keep control over the duel and won 2-0 both games. Congrats

Ruling Test: 8/10 (1 for each correct answer)

Total Score: 29/50

Welcome to Ra!
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Cyber Angel's Results

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