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 The Beginning of the End

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Izayoi Aki
Izayoi Aki

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PostSubject: The Beginning of the End   Tue May 26, 2015 7:03 pm

The monsoon had passed to the south and dissolved over the ocean, leaving the lands in peace again after its rampage. The city crawled with people again soon, the inhabitants checking on the damage that had been done this season. The Samurais were leading most reconstruction teams, while the Lightsworns returned to their palace, letting the "lower" creatures do their work for them. While the city was brewing with energy again of repairs and the markets coming back up, the mountain was silent as ever. Lying in the east, towering over the land, and the ruins of the city placed in the perfect location to oversee all, no movement was able to be seen there. And still, some people were already eager to go up there again and discover what it all was like in there.

While in the city life came back, the forests also started to make their sounds again. The Naturia and Harpie colonies came back to life, respecting each others territory severed by a new river, and repairing what minor things they had to repair. The Naturias moved more to the south west, while the Harpies remained where they were, adjusting their hunting patterns already according to the reshaped forest. With the water excess in the south of their territory, some of them were already in the process of building a new camp near the water. Of all tribes, the Harpies were the most effective and had the best equipment for their work. Even though they didn't reside in stone cottages houses or even palaces, they were more efficient in weather resilient or against earthquakes, which were somewhat more common near the mountain ridge.

While the Harpies stayed on their grounds, the Naturias moved more south west ward. Since the water had flooded mostly their side of the territory, they relocated to a more suitable location. But unknown to anyone on the world, the direction they were headed towards was the newly built encampment of the worlds most recent race. The Qliphorts. Unaware, a couple of the Mantis that had gone ahead and were scouting the area stumbled upon the outer perimeter of the landing zone. Hurrying back to the rest of the marching mass, Qliphort sensors had located the intruders. On one of the Skybases hovering near the landed Towers, on the bridge, 3 people were discussing several things, as someone walked up to them and gave them the report. One of the three, the girl, turned and looked outside the window. "Gentlemen. We're been discovered. I want you both on your respective fleets and prepare them for battle. I'll personally deal with this one. We'll keep in touch for the details of how to proceed." Both looking at each other, then nodding and slightly bowing before the girl, they left the bridge, on their way to their own Skybases and fleets.

It didn't take long before the Mantis returned to their pack.They quickly informed Landoise and Exterio about the visitors, but their warning was too late to have any effect. Appearing from nowhere, Stealths opened fire on the pack from several directions. 40% of the laser shots hitting the trees instead of the targets, the Naturias got off lucky in the first minute. Barkion and Beast both tearing down a few, Exterio joining in, while Landoise covered the smaller ones, the remaining Stealths vanished into the air, disappearing from view. "Call Stealth Squadron 5 back, they did their part. Send orders to Carrier 3. They are to hover directly over them, scare them. Then hail down hell." The girls orders were obeyed without question, and the Carrier went into place, its shadow rising over the Naturias. Landoise trying to protect as many as he could, Barkion flying up to face the Carrier, Beast and Exterio facing their doom, all hell broke loose, as not only the Carrier opened fire, but the Skybase opened suppressive fire as well. Barkion being the first to take several hits and go down quickly, the Carrier and Skybase left nothing to chance, obliterating every inch of ground. After a few minutes, the Naturias were eradicated. Extinct. On the bridge of the Skybase, the girl nodded, congratulated the Carrier and the stealths on their work, then called them back for debriefing and mission review.

From the high diamond tower of the Lightsworn Palace, Lyla gazed upon the lightshow going on at the far south west. With feeling the immense amount of sudden death, Lyla stumbled back, against Jain, who caught her in her fall. Lyla explained what happened, and not long after, the whole Lightsworn Citadel was on high alert, and Rykos as well as Rinyans had left the until then safe walls, spreading the news of a new super power in the south. All tribes were warned. Some didn't respond, others didn't care, yet some answered to the call. A meeting, where as many tribes and races as possible would join up to face this new threat. and with the hope to see the next season. They now are the last line of defense against this new might.
The Apoqliphort...

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The Beginning of the End

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