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 Lunor's Test Results

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PostSubject: Lunor's Test Results   Fri Mar 06, 2015 9:41 pm

Sylveraine vs Lunor
Chronomaly vs Yang Zing
Duel Result: Testee [2] - [0] Tester

Deck Build: 8/10
Deck looks good. Solid build, some nice techs. Maybe smart to main the MST's now, tho, due to the incredible amount of Vanity's and Machro/Dimensionals there are gonna be out there now.
Side Deck : 7/10
Looks outdated. It doesn't stop most of the currently Meta Decks, like Qliphorts or Nekroz, or even Burning Abyss [it topped YCS, hence]. I would suggest looking around at other peoples sides, and take ideas from that.

Gameplay & Concentration:
Use of cards: 4/5
Used the cards he had well. Didn't draw that good, but despite that used his resources properly.
Siding skills: 3/5
Sided in Black Horns. In essense, they're somewhat good against the deck, but there's a somewhat lack of cards to side in your current one, so considering that, I'd say maybe MST's would've been useful, against things like my Warning, Bottomless, Compuls, Soul Drain etc.
Performance: 8/10
Didn't really missplay. Hands weren't that good, but that aside he was pretty good with the plays he made. Not sure why he instantly activated the traps, though. Would have been a bit more useful maybe if you'd waited for something to actually be destroyed, keeping it as a possible bluff.

Ruling Test: 10/10 (1 for each correct answer)
Test currently unavailable.

Total Score: 40/50

Welcome to Ra!

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Ra Yellow
Ra Yellow

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PostSubject: Re: Lunor's Test Results   Fri Mar 06, 2015 9:49 pm

1 below obby again. LOL
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Lunor's Test Results

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