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 Black Rose League

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Izayoi Aki

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PostSubject: Black Rose League   Tue Mar 11, 2014 12:24 pm

BRA League

Members of Black Rose Academy. I'm proud to announce the start of an Event that will give this Academy a new something for the members to acquire and something they can keep around during their stay here.

Many of you may know the Pokémon games. And as you know, in each of those games there is a Pokémon League. This consists of the strongest trainers of the entire region. Well we're no trainers. Not here. We're duelists. so we are going to make this league here! For us duelists.

But what is a League without Badges? Exactly. Nothing. So we'll also be appointing 8 people as Gym Leaders. Who will be appointed Decks to use and will be taking the challenges of our members.

Gym Leaders

Every Gym Leader will get their own part inside the general Forum about the League. There people can post challenges and will results be posted about the battles that have been done.

A Gym Battle will consist of a simple thing. 1 Match [2/3] No Banlist, Siding Allowed, recent Banlist.

Gym Leader spots will be filled by me or the Gym Leaders that have been appointed. The current Gym Leaders are appointed to the Badges:

Trio Badge: -
Basic Badge: -
Insect Badge: -
Bolt Badge: -
Quake Badge: -
Jet Badge: -
Freeze Badge: -
Legend Badge: -

BRA League

As soon as you've gathered all 4 Badges, you will be known as one of the Elite 4. Since you've achieved a very difficult task. As such you'll be one of the four duelists who will compete each month for the title of Champion in an elimination round tournament. This is the BRA League. As said, only those with 8 Badges can enter this and it will only commence when 4 duelists have fulfilled the requirements. If it were to happen that there are more than 4 in the Elite 4, then there will be a lottery. 4 random people will be elected out of the entire selection who will advance to the League itself. Those who remain will be ensured of a place in the League the next time.


You are probably asking yourself a lot of questions. But let's see if we can answer those together. Something you may wonder is, who will these Gym Leaders be? It's simple. 8 people will be selected and chosen to be the Gym Leaders. They may change due to inactivity of the member or poor results, or maybe even the Gym Leader being too strong or resigning. So it may always happen that they change. But there will always be 8. And whenever we cannot find one, I will take over until we have one.

What you've probably asked yourself, too, is how you'll know if you have the Badges yes or no. This is something I've given some thought and eventually came up with this. In your profile there are fields that are either not filled in the case you don't have the badge, or filled in the case you do. It looks like this:

The basic idea is that you acquire all 8 Badges and they will be displayed in your profile. Whenever you obtain a Badge, it will be posted by a Gym Leader in the forum. And an Admin will give you that Badge on the proper spot.

Also, will you have to gather them mandatory in the proper order like in the game? The answer is no. If we would ask you to, the first Gym Leader would get overworked and get all challenges at the same time when starting. We want our Gym Leaders to enjoy their positions as well and therefore have decided not to have you obtain them in a distinct order. You can challenge any Gym Leader you'd like.

Can you challenge a Gym Leader twice? Again, no. Once you've obtained a Badge, that's that. You can off course battle him or her again just to see how you would do with another Deck, but that will be all on personal base and you can just ask the person to duel with that Deck. But you cannot challenge twice for a Badge if you've already gotten the one in question.

Giving or buying Badges also is not possible. The only way to obtain a Badge is to defeat a Gym Leader.

Can Gym Leaders challenge other Gym Leaders to collect Badges? No they can't. As Gym Leader you're given a special "Badge" of your own.

With this you indicate that you are a Gym Leader.

We wish you the best of luck and hope you'll enjoy this event as much as I hope you will.

-BRA Staff-

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Black Rose League

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