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 Evolutions? between anime and their is the difference?!

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PostSubject: Evolutions? between anime and their is the difference?!   Mon Jan 06, 2014 3:53 pm

Alright for years two animes have gotten my attention for their similarities, can you guess which two?, no? Well let me tell you then. It's these gosh darn two 1) Digimon (Digital monsters) and 2) Pokemon (Pocket Monsters)
What the hell is the difference? they both now have mega evolutions but now did stepped their game up with something new now, fusion of and between each other. This to me is original and refreshing but what happened to the series on jetex? when they have to make a connection or whatever jusnk they had to do. I'd hate to see pokemon try and compete with this....but wouldn;t it be cool to see a Rai-Char-toies. hope to hear , no, scratch that, read what you have to say....
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Evolutions? between anime and their is the difference?!

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