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 Heh... Hello, I'm Shizuku

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PostSubject: Heh... Hello, I'm Shizuku   Mon Jan 06, 2014 8:18 am

Hello, students of Sietetsu academy, I am Shizuku Sangou, your school council president.

JUST KIDDING! But really hey. I'm... well just call me Shizu or Shizuku, or if you want to be polite it's madame president. For those who know my real name I would appreciate it if that stayed hidden on here for the time being. Anyway I will tell you a bit about me and Shizu as I tend to be in character a lot, hell you may even have the pleasure of dueling me whilst I'm in character haha!

About me:
I'm actually quite a shy person if I don't know you, if I'm not drunk haha. You won't find me on any other forums on the internet, this is the only one. Anyway back to it! I enjoy dueling, not that I do it too often but I know my stuff and I know my deck. I also play league of legends, I'm not exactly good at it but I play. Umm I'm not really going to go into life stories and stuff because, well I just, I can't. It's way too long. I enjoy roleplaying, that's why I am usually in character a lot. I also watch anime, my favorite anime to date is Kampfer. My favorite charcter from Kampfer is... you guessed it, Shizuku!

About Shizuku:
Shizu is, well Shizu is Shizu. She is the school council president who hasn't really had fun as a child, well I guess she has but she doesn't really show it, all she shows is a love for Natsuru by torturing him and his friends. She also has a knack of showing up wherever he is at any random time. She is best friends with Sakura Kaede and... well I can't tell you 'cause I have a no spoilers rule. Anyway, her... Damn I can't say that either cause of spoilers! Just go watch the anime!

Anyway that's all from me right now, I will be posting a deck build soon!
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Izayoi Aki

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PostSubject: Re: Heh... Hello, I'm Shizuku   Mon Jan 06, 2014 10:42 am

Welcome to Black Rose, and I hope you'll enjoy. If there's anything you want to know or feel like asking, just ask Staff. As for Role Plays, we intend to implement that some time, but for now let's focus on getting this site up and running.

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Heh... Hello, I'm Shizuku

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