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 Staff Guidelines

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Izayoi Aki

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PostSubject: Staff Guidelines   Mon Jan 06, 2014 12:34 am

Staff Guidelines


Fundamentally the simplest area to look at is how we are communicating. Having open and honest communication can take away the "indirect language" that causes confusion and assumptions against one another. Encourage the type of communication with each other to be the same. This can be done easily by making sure the other person has fully understood you.

Share preferences

Everyone should get in the habit of sharing their preferred way of dealing with things. If someone rather takes some time to think about it instead of immediately giving an answer, they should be encouraged to express that and not leave the others in the dark. This is part of good communication and it will prevent many staff issues about topics where people do not reply.

Express thanks & celebrate success

Whenever something goes right or someone achieves something out of the ordinary, that deserves to be celebrated. Take the time to make the person having done this feel appreciated. This will likely make them feel more willing to push more to their best. If someone has done something good, don't fear to give them a compliment. Everyone deserves it.


Everyone should be accountable for their actions. If someone does not do as required, he will be held responsible for that. Everyone should work for this together. We can build trust faster when we hold each other accountable for their efforts and results.

Share responsibility

By sharing our responsibility we can help our staff further. Giving people tasks to improve their skills is one option. Off course this will mean that mistakes will be made. But mistakes can be solved and as long as you have people wanting to improve you should have a little bit of an understanding for those who are learning.

Thank you for reading.

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Staff Guidelines

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