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 Re-Test Rules

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Izayoi Aki
Izayoi Aki

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PostSubject: Re-Test Rules   Sun Jun 02, 2013 6:23 pm

The rules of our re-testing system.

1- What is a re-test?
You already had your initial test, and you have been placed into a dorm. This doesn't mean though, that you're stuck there. By taking a re-test, you'll be able to prove to the tester that your skill has improved as well as your deck.

2- Dueling Exam
Here we will test your dueling skills 'on the field' by dueling you for a 1 v 1 match on DN, Percy, DevPro
*Note: By clicking Offline on the DevPro log-in screen you will be directed to Percy's version of YGOpro*

Deck that cannot be used during this exam: (For Tester and testee) (list may change due time)
• Countdown
• Stall
• Burn
• Verz
• Lavals
• Dragon Rulers
• Prophecy

Siding: Yes we do recommend you side. And no, you are not bound to use the same Deck as you used in your previous test.

3- Re-Test Results
After the re-test we will post the results in the 'Test Results' section.

Point System: (this is how the tester will post the results.)
Quote :
Name Tester:
Deck Tester:

Name Testee:
Deck Testee:

Testee duel 1: W/L 0/20
Testee duel 2: W/L 0/20
Testee duel 3: W/L

Deck Construction: 0/100
Deck Originality: 0/20
Dueling Skills: 0/80

Attitude: 0/20
Extra's: 0/20

End Results: 0/280

Dorm results:
Ice Barrier: 205-280
Jurrac: 130-204
Gusto: 0-129


Thanks for the attention

-BRA Staff-

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Re-Test Rules

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