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 Test Results: V-Stigma

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PostSubject: Test Results: V-Stigma   Fri May 17, 2013 11:21 pm

Name Tester: Yours truly.
Deck Tester: The Chaos Synchro Rose (plant synchro)

Name Testee: V-Stigma
Deck Testee: Fire King Hazy

Testee duel 1: W 20/20
Testee duel 2: L
Testee duel 3: L

Good duels, in wich i found he had controll most of the time in the duel. I got defeated duel 1, need a huge comeback in duel 2, and won quickly duel 3 ( but only cause i opened godly and he had a rather dead hand). An excellent game, in wich i didn't saw one ruling problem or really bad play, maybe a few i disagree with personally.

Deck Construction: 80/100

A solid deck. Had all the cards needed. The only dead draw was not a fault of the deckbuilding.

Deck Originality: 15/20

A rather origional deck to run, but rather standard if you look at other decks of its kind. Thats the reason i wont award full points here.

Dueling Skills: 70/80

Enough said above.

Attitude: 20/20

We had a fun talk in the duel, fun to duel with.

Extra's: 0/20

Simply cause you don't need them, look at your dorm.

End Results: 205/280

Dorm results:
Ice Barrier: 205-280
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PostSubject: Re: Test Results: V-Stigma   Fri May 17, 2013 11:26 pm

Yup, we did indeed have a nice match. Cant wait to duel you again bud.
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Test Results: V-Stigma

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