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 BRA Staff Application.

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PostSubject: BRA Staff Application.   Thu Feb 07, 2013 1:52 am

BRA Only has 2-3 staff members at the moment so we are in need for the following staff members:

2 Moderators
4 Teachers
?? GFX members

Tournament Organiser <- Will be able to apply for this once we get more members

Requirements to apply:

(" * " = Recuired / + = an extra but not needed)
* Know BRA's rules
* Has respect for others no matter what situation
* A certain level of maturity.
* Active on the forums here.
* Grammer has to be good not perfect but at least good.

+ Age of 16+
+ Previous Forum/Academy experience.
+ Having YGOPro AND DN.
+ Good to great dueling skill(s).
+ Can be harsh at times when needed.

* Know BRA's rules
* Show respect for others and doesnt 'show off' during duels
(such as calling people noobs and such)
* A certain level of maturity.
* Must know BRA Rulings
* Must know the rulings
* Can post a good lesson once or twice a week
* Great dueling skill(s) (we will test you)
* Be active

+ Good grammer (more or less required)
+ Know some of the basic forum useage (how to make 'spoilers', 'code', 'img' tags , etc, etc)
+ Previous Forum/Academy experience.

GFX Team
* Show us what you can do or make
* Be able to make a banner or somthing when we request
* Active
* Certain level of activity

How to Apply for BRA:
You can/may not reply in here.
PM The following Academy leaders or at least one of them(Only for Mod/Teach):

With the following information
PM subject:
Quote :
Applying for teacher / Moderator

Info we need in the PM
Quote :

Forum name:
YGOPro: (yes or no)
YGOPro name: (Not required when previous is no)
Dn: (Yes or no)
Dn name: (Not required when previous is no)

Previous experience:

Why should we chose you?

Other things we need or may know?

If we are interested we will PM you back with positive feedback.
We will also make a topic and post the PM's in public so people can see who went for a spot in the academy, and if they are not approved or are approved

For the rest we will test you in DN or YGOPro when we have the time
and ask some other questions here and there to know of you are being serious about this or not.

Staff positions are currently locked untill further notice.
This is due a lack of people.

-BRA Staff-

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BRA Staff Application.

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